Kenshi Life Changing Candles is a truly inspiring story of Liam Foldi who decided at 14 years of age he wanted to make a real difference in the world. After 3 years and over 25,000 candles sold, Kenshi has helped raise over one hundred thousand dollars for many different causes.

is very excited to announce our partnership with Kenshi Life Changing Candles.

Every Kenshi Life Changing Candle funds 3kg of pasta = 24 meals!

The pasta is purchased by Make A Difference Community every month and delivered to FareShare in Morningside.

FareShare is the largest charity kitchen in Queensland and has never been able to source enough pasta. Let’s solve that problem forever!

The huge Brisbane kitchen – approximately the size of a basketball court – is equipped with industrial scale food processing tools including 300 litre electric saucepans which cook 750 meals at a time. 

The multi-million dollar facility powered by volunteers aims to cook 1.25 million meals for vulnerable Queenslanders in its first year of operation and scale up to five million meals a year.

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