Norlane Community Initiatives

Norlane Community Initiatives is very excited to partner with Make A Difference Community and help eradicate hunger in Norlane.

Every Kenshi Life Changing Candle directly funds 3kg of pasta which equates to 24 meals for Norlane Community Initiatives Neighborhood Meals.

The pasta is purchased by Make A Difference Community every month and delivered to NCI’s Neighbourhood Meals.

In one of Australia’s most disadvantaged suburbs, hunger is one of the main pandemic aftershocks. NCI becomes the centre of last hope.

NCI’s Monday Neighborhood Dinner is a community celebration attended by over 60 people every Monday night creating inclusive and welcoming opportunities to eat together as a neighbourhood to address issues of food insecurity, social isolation, meeting basic needs and promoting sustainable living. Pasta provides an essential staple.

Buy 4 or more candles to receive a 12.5% discount! Put in the coupon code of “12.5off”.

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